Quick fifty bucks to make this chick smile with existing 3rd party rig

Hi, I have a quick $50 via Paypal or app of your choice, for anyone who can make this young lady smile with existing face rig. Should be easy for someone who knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately, I don’t. Whenever I try, she just winds up looking like The Joker. Just need you to leave the body dimensions, position and body rigging as is. Just the face. Thanksyoung_lady_out.blend (4.5 MB)

Let me know if this is the way you want it or need is modified more.
Here is a more modified version.

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She’s already much better than I was able to do. But if you just like practicing your skills, a closed mouth smile and eyebrows that seem to be adding to the smile would be a little better, as she’ll be going off to the 3d printer. Thanks again.

ok one moment


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Ok, if you’ve got the blend file and can send me you Paypal info, I’ll pay you. Thanks!

[email protected] is my paypal. Will be sending via wetransfer.com what is your email?

Ok, give me few. Just need to get back up to speed with Paypal. Thanks again! My email is [email protected]

no problem. If there is anything else you may need you can check out my site to check out my work/reel www.pixelurge.com Also do you need an invoice for this?

money recieved

Thanks! feel free to hit me up for anything else :slight_smile:

the author :laughing:

I just paid someone for the job done. Thanks.


It was worth it to me, though it is good to be careful about paying for something so subjective as a smile. :crazy_face:

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Hey if something saves me time. that is money well spent

One last. I assume you just did rotations on the rig bars and didn’t shorten any of them, if that is even done with rigs. I’m new to Blender. It, like others, must have required a Tyrell as the grand designer. Fascinates me how cooperative enterprises can produce such intricate and complex software.

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there was a bit of scaling involved. Rigs work well with Rotations, Scales and Transforms. There is also another way to get more control of faces which is shape keys with bone drivers. It’s a bit more involved but gets very specific results. Yeah its amazing how software has evolved.

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My cup runeth over. Yea, like Wikipedia, the best encyclopedia in the world, using just an ingenious design, and the willing participation of the whole world.

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Want to see some awesome face work check out this thread:

tyrell and weyland yutani working together lol