Quick fire frame change after animation ends how can fix this

im new so i have problem
why this happening

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I need to ask, but what do you expect the animation to do after it reaches the last frame?

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Hi and welcome to BA!

This is normal behavior for blender. When you playback an animation inside blender, it loops, forever… or until the user stops the playback.

Stop the playback by clicking on the - ( | | ) - pause icon that appeared where the playback buttons were, or just hit the Esc key.

AFAIK, there is no way to play the animation once, and only once. I usually adjust the end frame to be 50-100 frames after the animation ends. This gives a 2-4 second pause at the end of the animation so you can see it’s starting/stopping as it loops.

Hope that made sense…

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T add to what @revolt_randy has said…you could also select the keyframes and duplicate them…scrub to the end frame and paste reversed…then the anim would play forwards then back… might be useful to you. :wink: