Quick Grab/Release - Possible?

I’m looking for behavior I found very useful in another 3D modeling program. In that program, while holding down control, left clicking on a vertex selected the vertex and entered grab mode. Releasing the left mouse button set the vertex in the new location and exited grab mode. (This also works with edges and faces depending on what mode you’re in). This made adjusting individual vertices a single action each, and was great for fine tuning parts of a mesh.

I already know you can do something similar by right clicking then dragging. But you then have to make a second action to set the vertex in the new location. Is there anything in blender that allows for the behavior I describe above? Where vertices can be individually moved with a single action?

(and, yes, I know this is technically three actions - click/drag/release, but it’s an intuitive and efficient workflow compared to what I currently know what to do in blender).

Thanx in advance

Under User Preferences > Editing check “Transform: Release confirms”.

Awesome! thank you! :slight_smile:

what program has that feature?

Silo 3D
It’s one of those programs that does only one thing and does it really well. It’s good for characters and such.

never heard of it… i might look into it. i like to know basics of every software :slight_smile: