quick guied to get Beryl+linux

here is a fast way to get Debian Linux and Beryl windows manager.

If you have never seen baryl in action here are some streaming videos

interested? cool! this is easy!! we are going to have most of it done automaticaly for us from a kanotix live CD and kano’s cool scripts.

first off get your new ISO here and burn it to a CD.

boot the live cd,

after login, open a terminal and type
sudo kanotix-installer-latest-web

follow the installer instructions.
you can read more here:

after you have it all installed on your hard disk go ahead and boot, login.

open a terminal and type

apt-get update (this can take lots of time 5-45 minuets depending on your system)

after it is all done just turn off your system, or type halt as root.


once again open a terminal and type:

init 3 (this will kill KDE and drop you do a runlevel 3 command line, dont panic)

for ATI graphics cards:

for Nvidia stable drivers (NO Beryl)

for Nvidia beta drivers (for Compiz,XGL,and Beryl)
install-nvidia-debian.sh -c

be sure to reboot!

Ok now to get beryl! and add some life to KDE,GNOME or XFce desktops…this is for Nvidia Beta drivers only…

wget -Nc http://kanotix.com/files/fix/beryl/beryl-mix.tar.gz
unp beryl-mix.tar.gz
cd beryl-mix
dpkg -i *deb
apt-get install -f
exit (this will take you out of root mode)

Ok reboot!
to run beryl log in, and look in your home folder for a folder called
inside is a binary file called
double click on it ,

if all went well you should now see a splash screeen welcoming you to beryl!

here are a few other things you can cut and paste into a terminal for your new linux studio.
as root:

apt-get install blender
apt-get install yafray
apt-get install wings3d
apt-get install ktoon
apt-get install inkscape
apt-get install gimp 
apt-get install 

things to make life more easy in linux:
apt-get install rox-filer (AWESOME!)
apt-get install vlc
apt-get install synaptic
apt-get install aptatude
apt-get install xchat
apt-get install xmms

Good luck!

I have been using this system for 2 weeks now, and it is totaly rock solid!