quick help needed

hi sorry to post before searching am playing a gig tonight and blender isnt doing what it used to. im trying to get hold of objects on other layers and they are not showing up in the object list i.e.

scene = GameLogic.getCurrentScene()
oblist = scene.getObjectList()

am using 2.41, it used to work in 2.37 i think

any ideas?

Sorry, I don’t know how to get objects from other layers.

It looks like a bug. The code example from the reference doesn’t work. I did a specific search for an object on another layer and it says “object not on list”. Not only that, it won’t even print the names for me unless I do a GameLogic.getCurrentScene()[OBCube]. Crud. Let’s hope they fix it soon if it is, that’s a major block. I wonder if we’re supposed to report that to Blender 3d.

Yeh, i guess we should- do you know where to post bugs anyone???

^^ Blender bug tracker

cheers, also if you have an object on another layer and use the add object actuator thingy then it wont respond to the lighting on the layer you import it to, it only reosnds to lighting on its original layer.
I dont know if thats a bug or if its meantr to be like that.

Select the lamps and then press ‘M’ and Shift-click the layer your main scene is in and the scene your added object is in and the lighting is the same for both layers.

Well, no one said they posted it, so I just did.

nice one magicman that works a treat, and thanks fireside i had to reregister at blender org cos i forgot my password anyway glad thats all cleared up.

will :smiley: