Quick hooks question

Hi there, I’m rigging up a hose with a few hooks, it will be attached at one end and move around at the other, but it should look natural, as in when the free end is up the slack hose should hang in a “U” shape.

Are there any tricks to getting it to look natural without having to adjust the intermediate hooks all the time? Should i be using bezier or nurbs curves for this?

I’ve currently gotten it very close, but i’m wondering any tips/shortcuts to get that natural look that you all may have, adjusting each point for the animation and fine tuning the “bumps” out of the hose seems do-able, but there has to be an easier way or a better curve to use whose anchors are “soft” so to speak.

thanks alot

austen :RocknRoll:

It might help if you parent the hooks to an armature and use some constrains to make animation easier.

Asano, that’s a great idea, but i’m not sure specifically how i would constrain it so the hose hangs “naturally” as with gravity. I’ve attached my .blend if you’ve got a minute to look at it, you can move the “head” and see what i’m talking about, the “bumps” in the bottom part of the hose.


EDIT: I’ve figured out how to do this - just needed a NURBS curve and some proper hook positions. Thanks for your help