Quick IK/constraint rigging of armature to animated Empties

I am looking for an artist for the work described below at a rate of $45/h. According to advice Ive been given this is half a day to a days work.
Please reply here or email me. [email protected]

The main idea here is to animate an armature available in the attached file according to constraints
applied to it using the empties.

I have used some specialized position sensors to record the position of my hand and fingers.
Ive created a python script in blender to read this data and animate the position and rotation of
a set of empties.

I recorded my right hand. I have photographs of where they are located. I dont have a 3d scan of my hand.
To compensate for this an artist can change the sizes of the bones in the armature and distort the hand model
however they see fit. The bones cannot be detached or have their hierarchy changed or their rotation type altered.
I think the armature is mirrored with respect to the hand so one can change that quite easily I think.

The current pointing directions (x direction) for each empty are correct (global, not local) so you can use those also
in the constraints. The pointing directions are along the primary axis of each finger segment.

Im attaching the current setup here.
AnimModel.zip (854 KB)
Please work only in Blender 2.61. I havnt tested my code in any other versions.
Press Run Script and then press play to see the data being read and animated.
You need to click Run Script every time you want to reset the animation sequence. This is because
one of the functions of the code is to read the animation data from a plain text csv file
and to set the position and rotation of each empty respectively.