Quick Indigo Test

Here’s another Indigo Test, the Graß is Transmission Material (SSS for Flat Objects).

It’s sad but at the moment the Indigo Site is Offline, but if sb. is intrested in indigo renderer, he can send me a pm. so i’ll give him the necessary Files (IndigoRendere + BLender exporter)


What is the latest Blender Exporter? They issued a few new scripts, but no instructions on how to use them. Last I checked, there were 3 scripts and I could only get one to even work.

It looks nice and realistic.

I’m also looking forward to that instructions. I remember that it didn’t work well when I used nk data.

the latest script im aware of is Blendigo, which i have never had any problems with. Well, i cant figure out how to get textures to work, but thats a different story.

Wow, I didn’t know Blendigo was newly released. I have to try it very soon. Thanks.

Indigo 0.9 test 1 released here’s a test with the new ExitPortal-Feature.


Here’s the releaselog:

0.9 test 1

  • added indigo_console build
  • moved OpenEXR to dlls
  • made image saves less likely to get corrupted (saves to temp image then moves to final path)
  • added shutter_open_duration (aka shutter speed)
  • made diffuse material use ‘albedo_spectrum’ instead of ‘colour’
  • made phong material use ‘diffuse_albedo_spectrum’ instead of ‘diffuse’
  • rgb_spectrum now requires the ‘gamma’ element. Use 2.2 as default.
  • added checks for SSE and SSE2
  • fixed bug with light sampling
  • fixed material binding to spheres
  • added atmosphere medium type
  • added extra_atmospheric parameter to sky_light
  • added ray_origin_nudge_distance parameter to inifile
  • messed around with refraction code a little
  • fixed .bmps loading upside down
  • added exit portals
  • added texture mapped emitters

All on: