Quick Instances (Groups) Addon: grouping-like workflow

Hello! I want to introduce you to my add-on Quick Instance

It creates grouping-like workflow using regular instances.
Here is a video, about the add-on, how to use this add-on and how it works

The add-on is for Blender 2.8x

Link to add-on:

https://gumroad.com/l/qinstance (Free)


  • Ctrl+G - make group from selected objects
  • F9 (adjust last operation) to set the center of the group and set a name
  • Tab - Opens group edit mode
  • Deselect everything and press Tab - Return to scene.
  • Ctrl+Alt+G - ungroup
  • Ctrl+Shift+G - advanced options like make single user, and change instance.

How it works:

When you press Ctrl+G, Blender moves all selected objects to the scene with a name “Library”. A new collection creates and instance of it replaces the removed objects. Then you press Tab you move to the Library scene where you can preview and edit related collection.


Remove your face-cam from the video. Face-cams do not make what is being said, any easier to understand and it covers and distracts from the actual thing being shown.
It also doesn’t help that the quality is super low, and can’t actually see your lips moving. Nor does the obviously robot voice overwriting what would have presumably been your human voice.

Basically, the would be MUCH better as is, if you simply remove the face-cam.

As for the actual addon

The idea sounds great but I’ve no use for the implementation.
Make World the default pivot point, otherwise by default, objects get offset from their intended locations and the new “world” they’re placed in is always off from the norm as well.

Needs an un-grouper function. Packing the objects into a collection is all fine and dandy but if you don’t want that anymore, the only reasonable way to get them back is to drag the collection out of the empty then delete that empty instance.

Disable scene zooming, and enable multiple groups start-switch.

I thought zooming was a limitation of scenes and was going to suggest using using View Layers but then I did a quick check and confirmed you were doing this zoom on purpose.

I still prefer View Layer though. This will allow you to edit groups without changing the world/background/etc.
This could also allow “isolating selection” to objects in the collection, without hiding everything else.

Yes, you could “technically” port everything to the library (including objects outside of a collection) but since you’re not planning on backporting this to 2.7x, I see no “absolute” reason to not use View Layers instead

Nice feedback!

Actually, the voice have been replaced, because it was recorded in different language…

About addon. For un-grouping, blender has function for that, “make duplicates real”. Maybe it make sense to set a default hotkey Alt+G for this, I fink about it.

For default pivot point, actually, i don’t like this idea. Because if you want to set it in world center, you can use regular instancing. Auto relocate center of instances is one of the benefits.

Also about zooming. if instance is far away from the original location, you need to use additional actions to move camera back and forth.

Of course, you can also link world in Library scene to default scene, or add lights from it, to make render view looks the same, if you want. But yes, anyway it hides all other objects.

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A great addition to the group functions of the blender.

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Haven’t used in production yet, but it seems great after playing around a bit. Real time-saver.

The Alt+G for ungrouping is a good idea.

Thanks for your work.

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Great idea. Thanks for sharing

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Great addon the fact it encourage the user to work with instances, and it’s free with an option to name a fair price.

Therefore I dedicated an article to it and featured the addon on it’s home-page.


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Nice article! And I add info about deselecting in description, as you noted that.

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Thanks, good to hear you like the post. I just woke up and will check later.

This is amazing thank you!!!

I prepared new version of addon, version 0.2 features ungrouping (Ctrl+Alt+G), make single user and group menu (Ctrl+Shift+G).

Blendermarket and Gumroad links have been updated


Hi Michael,
your addon is really amazing!
I used it a lot for furniture replicators in interior archviz scenes, it is really super-useful!! Thank you very much!!

I ‘m testing the 0.2 release, but i’ ve found 2 problems (or i’m making 2 mistakes :wink:

1- when making a new group, the option to set the pivot to the active object does not seem to work

2-ungrouping keep a link between all objects at edit-model level ( maybe it’s the expected behaviour?)

Have a nice day


Thanks for the issue, first one i fixed and you can download fixed version. Check the version 0.2.1:


Second one is not looks as a bug it works by design. When copy instances, whey are linked, and objects in the group also linked. But you can make single user of the group (with copy objects) in this way you will get unlinked objects.

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Wow super fast reply!
That’s perfect, thank you very much!!
All the best

What would be proper way of inserting Groups from the Library scene (or actually any scene) into other scenes?

Well, it is regular instances, you can work with it as usual:

  • Add (shift+A) -> Collection for adding instance from current file
  • File (F4) -> Link for linking instance from different file.

Oh, seems easy. I’m not familiar with instances/scenes, hence my stupid questions :slight_smile:
Thanks for quick reply!

Also, in some cases editing a group in its scene (among the rest of scenery) would be easier than separated in Library scene. Would it be possible to ungroup it, edit locally, and group back into the same group so all instances in other scenes get updated with new edits?

i’m thinking about Add to group and Remove object from group functions, maybe I will add this in future release.

The reason that I didn’t make group editing “in place” is because I wanted to make plugin that works with existing entities, that makes possible to work with scenes even you haven’t this addon

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Small update to 0.2.2:
Panel (Ctrl+Shift+G) now will close after pressing buttons on it

Oh, wow, what a great add-on! Thank you! I’ve been trying to switch from SketchUp and the lack of Groups (or "Component"s, in SketchUp’s case) was one of the biggest obstacles to attaining the same efficiency I have there in Blender. This goes a long way towards solving it.

Quick question: I’d like to buy the add-on, but is there a difference between buying it on Gumroad vs BlenderMarket? Does Gumroad take a bigger commission, for instance? Which one is better for you?

Thanks again!