quick modeling question

I am currently modeling a body and have it segmented into a head, torso, arms and legs, well one leg and one arm. My question is, how do I duplicate a mirror image so that the hands and feet are facing the same way? This is after creating one arm and leg and instead of trying to model an exact copy on the other side.

are your meshes seperate objects or in the same object?
Select the object and add a mirror modifier, you may need to move the mesh around to see the mirroror object, do this in edit mode and move all the vets till they line up right

I thought I might have to use the mirror modifier, but I ran into a problem when I opt to apply the modifier I get an error saying that it “changes the topology and it cannot apply with multires active”. Oh and it’s not part of the same mesh. Another question I was going to ask later was how to connect all of the meshes into one so I can start adding bones. Back to the original question, is there no way I can press shift-D and then something after that to create an mirror image?

Well if the arm is his own object you can hit shift “D” and in front view, scale it in the x till it looks close,
of you could just select all your objects and hit control “J” to join them, and then turn of or aply multires, with I dont use (I dont knwo why, maybe I notced a lag in panning around the scene)
and then add the mirror mod in the x direction,

You will need to “fuse” the meshes together after you join the objects
you dont need to join you meshes at all, sorry about that

You can use M in edit mode or Ctrl+M in object mode to mirror an object. However, most people would use an array modifier from start to work on a human body.

As Salvadore said,
In object mode, use Ctrl+J to join two objects into a single mesh. In edit mode, use P to separate part of a mesh into a separate object.

Hope it helped
/ Mats

thanks that helped

Really, can you explain why this is the prefered way of doing things? I’ve never done it, so I’d like to know if I’m behind in the game due to the way I play it or due to the fact that I suck.
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Oops! My bad, I meant a mirror modifier. And the reason of course is to limit your modeling to half the body.

/ Mats

ah lol yeah that makes more sense. I was like an array? What the hell have I been doing? lol

to mirror in edit mode, press shift D to duplicate, then M, then select the axis you want. ( usually X global )