Quick! need advice.

I posted this in another one of my threads, but I kinda need a reply back as soon as possible, if there are any. I thought I’d have more of a chance of getting a reply if I post it in a new thread:

As a scenery generator, does vue have any significant modeling tools?

Carrara has notable modeling capabilities as well as scenery generating capabilities, (volumetric clouds, etc.).

At this point I’m wondering if I should go ahead and get Carrara while daz is selling there products half off through October, or if Vue Infinite would be a better buy. I’m speaking in terms of what would expand my capabilities more. Since Carrara’s rep is mostly from it’s modelling capabilities (which I already have sufficient set of in Blender) and Vue Infinite’s is from it’s landscape capabilities (not so present in Blender), Vue Infinite would seem to be the better buy. Yet if Carrara allows both modelling and landscape tools to be used better in tandem, that may be enough for the balance to tip against Vue. As far as the UI, I don’t think that will be a problem. Any advice?

And I am speaking of Vue Infinite since it’s in the same price bracket as Carrara 5 Pro.