Quick New Blender Logo

I was just messing around, trying to get a new Blender logo for my website, and I came up with this. I thought it looked pretty cool. Tell me what you think.

very cool! turn on ortho though! it’ll make it look better and a shadow or something would be nice (just glanced at it so sorry if you already had one)

nice! :smiley:

oh you have shadow or atleast AO - and you abused it! turn bias up really high to get rid of that banding on the back wall! again nice job! :wink:


it seems to me that this is a Yafray render. I’ll consider two options:
-if it is a Blender render, then give a try to the ortho view as suggested by Prince so that you could choose between the actual one and a variant more suitable for webpages
-if it is a Yafray render, you could give a try to reflected caustics on the ground :wink:


Cool logo. As OlivS said, it would be great with some caustics on the floor. :slight_smile:

Very nice, I like the reflections in the letters. Good job done with those reflections.

Maybe an other suggestion to get a nicer render: If its a blender internal render you can try to ad some mist effect. I’ve done some cool things with the mist effect for logo renders. Maybe I’ll post it tonight.


Blender logo needs improving, 2 of the stick things that shoot out are too close together and the 3rd is too short.

Thanks for the comments guys. First of all, this was a test to see how well I could blend Radiosity and Raytracing together in Blenders internal renderer, so no Yafray.

Second of all, ortho view? Sounds familiar, but what is it, where is it, and what does it do?

Third, I didn’t take a whole lot of time on this so it could certainly be improved. I actually only solved the radiosity twice, and was happy with this second one. I really need to learn YafRay one of these days though. Just a matter of time. I actually thought that the shadows were pretty realistic in a GI sense, though.

Fourth, the banding on the wall in the back is just from the jpeg compression that I did to it, I think. I’ll go back and check. The original doesn’t have that banding.

ortho is found by:

selecting camera
edit buttons
press ortho (stands for orthographic - i think!?)

it causes everything from the camera to be evenly displaced (no camera curvature!) it will help make evry letter square to the camera!

nice work for blender internal! :smiley:

Ok, I rendered with ortho, but I want it to have a 3d look for a cool background. Besides, it look funny because I have to delete the back wall and change the world. Maybe I’ll mess with it a little more.

trust me it will look better with ortho applied! trust me! :wink:

Looks nice and cool. Could use some other backgound though, like the color of the floor, so we dont see the separating line.


Jazzy, lol its cool!