Quick object matching?

I have an object I had to unify in zbrush which tends to change the scale and location of the object for sculpting purposes. However when I will bring it into blender it will be in the wrong location and size. Is there way to snap the zbrush object to a object in blender that is in the right spot? And can you match scale?

This is regards to an iris object which I have positioned correctly and scaled properly in blender. I also want to do this to a modified eyeball that is uv mapped and slightly editted. Normally I would mirror but I need to maintain asymmetry for the character.

I want to replace the low poly mesh with the denser low poly (its lower poly than you think). But its massive and in the center of the screen.

I think i didn’t understand and i’m late too, but could it be that the pivot point isn’t in the center of the object…? That would explain the situation as i understand it.