Quick One

Not much time lately. Here is a quick one:


Wow you must have an intense computer man. That’s some crazy detail! Wow. And nicely lit too. Very realistic lighting\atmosphere. The bumps closest to the camera don’t look super good, but as it gets farther away it looks really sweet. Keep up the good work!

Thats so close to looking like a real cliff, honest. Great work :slight_smile:

quite the quicky :wink:
jack up the AO samples, still a bit grainy. sharpen er up and pump the contrast a bit more, its too grey.

Hey, that looks cool. How did you do it?

Nice work!! how’d you model it?

This is just a plane that I multiried and then sculpted a bit (1-2 min).
Then I UVed a picture of a rock to it and used it as a displacement map (1-2 min).
Then I added a color picture on top (30 sec).
Added a plane and UVed the sky picture. I made it shadeless (1-2 min).
Set the world settings, AO and mist (3 min).
Rendered (5 min)

The whole thing took about 15 min. It’s a quick one.


BTW, when I finished it I thought that I could have left the plane flat and added a different color map. To me the rocks could be texture to look like trees and the flat part water. Or, the rocks could look like clouds etc. Lots of possibilities.

a little post


it looks good but i think the bottom right corner is too smoot and lumpy for normal rocks (especially the bottom of a cliff)