Quick Photorealistic Skin

Skin is well kow to be one of the hardest matirials to creat in 3D, This is becuse skin is very varied. Here is a finihed relut


Preable aside, We now go onto making the holy grial of materials.

Wow. Absolutely the simplest tutorial ever!

It may be just me but the pic isn’t showing.

I can’t see either…

Wow. Absolutely simple

Tihs is amzing! I liek thiis a loot!


Irony at its best. :rolleyes:

Remember, if you can’t see the pic, it’s probably in the source. :rolleyes:


I tried that already. It said ‘Woops! That image may have been removed, remember Imagebin is for temparary image storage. Sorry.’

P.S. That has to be one of the worst misspellings of temporary I’ve seen, yet the most simple.

=/ i went thirsty to look at this thread then … … i tried to refresh the browser to see if it was connectivity issues but still no luck =/…looked at the pic source details but no coins for me either =/

Could you post the pic on blenderartist?

I think this is sarcasm, guys.