Quick preview / inspect a texture referenced in a shader node

Is there a quick way to open a texture referenced in a node? not on a model but just the image.
I know the rudimentary workflow of copying the name and search it manually in the Texture editor but I hope to find a simpler way. Thanks!

The maker of LuxCoreRender addon has made one.

I find this one good but it’s also in image editor.

Thanks! the second is not updated I think and it gives an error. And what I need more than a thumbnail is to be able to open the texture in a zoomable context to see the details.

I’m on 2.81a and it work as it should. To your second I’m sure that doesn’t exist, sorry.

Then it’s time for a proposal on Right-Click Select :slight_smile: and yes, I’m on 2.83.

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Such a feature should definitely be hard-coded. To be honest, I don’t think it will be implemented that quickly.

This is an elementary feature and the way I think of it, very unexpensive to implement. Let’s hope!

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What I have done is have another 3d view showing only 1 local collection containing a plane. Whenever I want to inspect a texture I apply the material to that plane and then ctrl+shift+click the image node so text wrangler will show only the image via an emission node on the plane.

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Thanks, I was considering that myself but you got me thinking I should stop being lazy :slight_smile: