Quick Projection/texture paint question n2d ver.

lol Ok im gonna ask this question again since i didnt get a answer :slight_smile:
I recently saw a Tutorial by Blendtuts.com where this guy clicked the quick edit button in Texture paint mode so that Blender would take a quick snapshot of your model and then you could take it in Photoshop or Corel painter and paint your model ,then update it back in Blender with the Apply button. I have tried this i have my standard pyramid, I marked my seams and unwrapped it,I put anew image on my model and put the UV test grid on the model on my unwrapped model. When i open up Photoshop or corel Painter with the quick eidt button the app opens
with no snapshot of the model am i doing something wrong? I am using version 2.63A Here is the link to the tutorial I am talking about Am i doing something wrong here?