Quick question about 2.37 and box selecting

For some reason, when I try to box select all the vertices of an object, Blender does not respond as it has in previous versions. I’m probably missing something here, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the object, just the box select. I’d look at the change log, but it’s annoyingly hard to find.

BTY, for a person reasonably inexperienced in Blender, (I know of most of the modeling controls, but not too much animation, or anything else, and no hands-on experience), should I disable the widget thingy that in the default scene and go back to normal?


Well, y’see, how selections are made in 2.37 depend on the drawmode used. To select vertices as you have from previous versions, you must be in wireframe mode. In any solid mode, you’ll only select the vertices that are in front.

In the 3d window header beside the vertex, edge, and face select buttons is a button with an icon of a box. If the box button is depressed only the visible verts will be selected in solid or shaded draw mode. If it isn’t depressed functionality is as it was in previous versions of Blender.


Thanks! Oh, one more thing: pressing N while grabbing objects no longer seems to work as it once did. Has the box been moved elsewhere in the UI?

Pressing N has never done anything “while grabbing objects” - just select them and press it and the box will come up.

don’t use the boxselect unless you really have to (e.g sharp corners): use ctrl + LMB.

10 times faster and easier (on the brain, too). new selection adds to previous.

Ahem D’OH! I forgot about that. I haven’t used blender in about a year, so my skills are a bit rusty. Thanks for the help though.

Oh, yes, awesome tip, I didn’t even know I could do that!