Quick question about 2.5

Will the 2.5 release of Blender address the render times (which can be ridiculously long at times) in any way? I remember hearing someone say that what took them two minutes to render in Blender took about twenty seconds in another program (I’m not trying to compare it to anything btw). Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

If a coder took up speeding up the renderer for 2.5 that would be great, speeding it up will probably become a priority for Durian though as some CPU intensive features are planned.

Well don’t really blame Blender.
You first must look at your settings.(AO, AAO, Radio, etc)
Then lookat your graphics card. For me nVidia and ATI work, I don’t use Intel, but by judging what you see anyone can say Intel onboard stinks. So aim, and shoot for better render times using the hardware and software settings.

Ah darnit :mad:

Sure wish I knew how to write/code for Blender :slight_smile:

@blenderman345 I stand to be corrected but I think the graphic card plays no part in rendering with blender internal

Personally i think that should be a planned feature tho…

for reals

these graphics cards nowadays is crazy good yo

CD has got a good point. With Durian i wouldn’t be surprised if the rendering pipeline is optimized.