Quick Question about Camera Rendering

Hi, just a quick question: I saw in the outliner panel that the camera can also be restricted from rendering. I tried disabling it and nothing seems to have changed, what does it actually do?

Add another camera then hit Ctrl+ Numpad 0 key and see if the first camera is automatically disabled in the outliner.

As cameras are not visible objects… they do not get sent to the renderer… same with empties… toggling the restricted render on and off does nothing to these objects.

The active camera’s information is sent to the renderer regardless of whether its visibility is hidden or not.

You have to have a camera in your scene to be able to render… if no cameras are in the scene it wont render. if you want to change the active camera you can do so under the scene tab

To answer your core question, it has a renderable flag because it’s an object in Blender and objects in Blender have visible, selectable, and renderable flags. Therefore cameras have them all too. You’d need to make a specific exception for it not to have one, and no one has done this. No renderer or script I know of actually uses it for anything, but in theory it could.

Useless button then, gotcha! Thanks for answering. :slight_smile: