Quick question about cloth modelling/texturing

For a long while now I’ve been making furniture in Blender to sell within Second Life. I can do hard surface stuff like tables, dressers, wardrobes, etc. fairly easily but I’ve always had a problem with “softer” shapes like duvets/blankets on beds, pillows, that sort of thing.

A few examples of what I mean:

What would the modelling/texturing workflow/techniques normally be like to make these sorts of objects? I’ve played around with the cloth physics a little, but I could never seem to make anything that looks as remotely nice as those items.

As far as vertex/triangle budgets, I would ideally want to keep the final mesh below 5000 tris.

You can add wrinkles to the cloth using shrink wrap modifier. Try this method:

I didn’t see any mention of the shrinkwrap modifier in that video, could you explain how that applies to this situation?

Using the techniques shown in that video, I was able to get this in my test setup: http://grabilla.com/0391e-ce692cd0-43e2-4bfa-a2e9-9ce12efe4ed5.png

That’s using the denim preset with turbulance and pulling the vertices along and down. (Since pinning interferes with gravity) As you can see, the wrinkles generated don’t look much like the example images I posted. Softer presets like cotton just result in the top of the blanket becoming completely flat against the bed frame.