Quick Question About Creating Fabric?

Greetings, September 6th, 2014

Curiously, does anyone know of a way to generate a fabric appearance for mesh other than the process of UV mapping and the imported UV Image file? The reason I ask is I have a model and the animation is drastically slowed due to the amount of images applied for clothes, accessories etc?..Any ideas would be great!


for fabric, at least uvmapping is necessary. without it there’s no way for the render to know how to keep the texture in place when animated. and for some procedural fabric materials, you can find lots of technics here in BA…

As for speeding the render, a procedural texture should take a bit more time to be calculated… a texture is faster to access, at least if you have ram for it.

here’s a some cool node setups here using proceedural texturing… check post #117


which by the way… using UV unwrap can simplify the use of some proceedural textures…

As far as mapping, one thing you can do would be to just do a normal or bump map and just use that for the texture and just letting the diffuse/glossy do your coloring for whatever look you want. Unless you are going to be fairly close to the material, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large file with a lot of detail. Just enough to give the impression of fabric.