quick question about "empties"


when I make a hook from a curve and connect it to an empty, I get what I am looking for i.e. an animatable curve (and parent-able bezier points). But I am getting these dotted lines that seem to come from the original placement of the empty. Could someone tell me what these are and why they are there.

They are black in the image.



I think those dotted line show the distance between where the hook was applied and where the control point of the curve currently resides. It does clutter the screen. I’m not sure why they are displayed?

Oh, Ok,

I thought I was missing something obvious. That IS what it appeared to be to me as well.

I can’t think of why that would be relevant other than if there was something set at the time of creation.

Thanks For The Reply,


If you want to turn off their display, I think you just need to disable Relationship Lines in the View Properties panel.

Ok, thanks.