Quick question about HDRI

I was trying to do some HDRI Yafray render tests the other day using HDRI probes to illuminate the scene. I loaded the .hdr file as an image World texture. But when I rendered, the image didn’t work. The only illumination came from the one lamp I was using, and there was no reflections of it in the shiney objects in the scene.

Am I loading the HDRI the wrong way? Last I remember, you were supposed to load it as an image texture for the World settings. Any suggestions?



That’s the way to do it.

Are you turning on the “Full” or “SkyDome” options for the GI in the Yafray settings in the render panel?


So internal HDRI is not a go yet? Man that sucks.

I am using Full, but neither work. I looked at the Command Promt window when it was rendering and it said that the Targa file was not supported. Maybe the HDRI file is the wrong kind. What would you guys reccomend using?

These are the probes I am using by the way:


You should be directly using a .hdr file I believe. Just right click on the probe you want to use save as and you got it. Then load it as an Angle Map in the world texture, mapped to Blend, Zenup, Zendown, and Horizon. Should be good to go.

Angle map? As in sphere or tube mapped? Right now all I have is “Hori” activated. Should I turn on Blend and all the rest?

I am using 2.39 by the way.

2.39 doesn’t wokr with hdr’s i beleive.

i may be wrong.

But I have the same problem. doesn’t render in YAFRAY. it’s kind of a disappointment…

Yeah, first off, use 2.37a to render.

Also, though I have been told otherwise, do turn on ANGMAP, REAL and HORI.

And yes again, you need to load the actual HDR file, not a TGA into the image texture for the world settings.


example file with hdri setup and some material tests. notice that there are no lamps in the scene!

you need to unpack the hdr file that is packed in this blend in order for yafray to find it.

resulting render:
http://www.eaemedia.com/blender/yafraymaterialstest1.jpg something like this anyway

Ok, so I guess I need 2.37a then. Why does it not work with the new versions? Can I still download the older versions?

I was loading a .hdr file. Not a .tga file.

not true… i just rendered my above example in 2.40RC… did you try it?

oohh woops. I do have 2.37a on my computer. I said 2.39 above. So you HDRI should work with 2.37a shouldn’t it? Maybe I should just get the prerelease of 2.40. Anyone know how soon to the full release?

i don’t think it matters, should work in RC build or 2.37a, no sense in trying anything else. The file I posted was made in 2.37a but works fine in 2.40RC1.

Just noticed something, once you assign hdr texture and render with yafray, it doesn’t matter if you press “real” or not in world settings, horizon is always real! and that is what i learned today…

Something isn’t right. Maybe I should download the newest version on Yafray and install that. I don’t know what version I have now, but it has been a while since I updated it.

When I load the .hdr file in the texture window, should I be able to see the image in the Preview box? Because I can’t.

I used to be able to use HDRI with no problem, I just never did anything with it. Now that I want to use it I can’t. I will probably have to just start something else if I can’t get this to work. :expressionless:

AFAIK, previews relies on the Internal Renderer. Thus, anything that the Internal Renderer can’t use, can’t be previewed. So no, I don’t think you’ll be able to see a preview of it.

The latest version of YafRay was released some 5 months ago.

the latest builds support hdr files to some extent, and thus can be seen in the world preview window. in 2.37a you will not see anything in the world preview with an hdr image texture.

So even though I cannot see it in the Preview, I should still be able to use it right?

if you can’t get the example file i linked to render then you have other issues.

Download the newest version of yafray.