Quick Question about outputting a *.wav from the sequencer

Suppose I had a wav file I chopped and edited in Blender. What are the render output settings to save the modifed sound into a new wav file? (just audio, no video)


There is no “official” audio output. But you can select the H264 codec in the output section. This makes another previously unavailable panel called “Encoding” appear. Just delete all the objects in your scene and set your render size to something very small like 5%. Under the Encoding panel you will have to chose an Audio Codec. Choose PCM for lossless traditional WAV style output. You will still have an AVI but at least your audio will be in the file. You’ll have to separate it out with another app.

Thanks. That’s what I wound up doing. It’s weird though, because almost all the codecs have wav or mp3 output. But if you select them, they give an error.

The “Official” Audio output is the new Mixdown button. It is located in the scene/audio settings panel. You can output wav files from there and setup multi track files too.

Is that what that is for? Ahhh…

You know,this would have been so easy if Audacity let you scrub…