quick question about reference set up and world axis

I keep having these issues and I know it has something to do with my crop and save because all views top, front and back align because of the 300 dimension on each image . My images say 300 x 152, 300 x 154 these are the front and back.
the top image says 300 x 625 but the side view is 625 x 152. isn’t the side suppose to be 300 x 625?
mine says 625 x 152 and i know that is the issue but, when I change the image size, it gets crunched up.

sorry for the all the questions the past few days. I really enjoy modeling I need to find a class or chat room to talk to people to converse with. Sometimes I feel I ask to many questions, lol and annoy people. I do watch tutorials and they work but then some like blueprint set up people use different methods or don’t have volume and it gets me all confused.

one last question, because I asked this yesterday about my topology. If world axes is the default, wouldn’t normal axis work as well too for using the X,Y,Z axes?

I noticed in other 3d software like Maya, if I don’t change the the axis when moving a vertices up or to the side, I end up moving the vertices out of place. but i noticed when Blender, the modeling seems to be fine on one axis as long as you don’t rotate and only have to worry about straightness between the two vertices.

i think I figured it out. I changed the document to a custom to change the the height and this time i wasn’t getting crazy numbers for my width. still would like a answer though about the world axis and normal while modeling . moving the vertices along the X,Y,Z do you need to change axis? or is this only if you rotate the object? I keep getting my vertices out align on other software but with blender, it seems to stay on the axis and I just need to work on my edge flow because my quads are not equally in size and my verts seems to be out of align a little. so figured to work on snapping to align my verts.

a couple hours later (2:47) and been trying to figure this out since 11:am . I finally figured out the blue print issue, I didn’t know your suppose to scale the side view image to a cube that has the height of the front view ortho. getting different softwares confused I think in importing reference images.