Quick Question about Rigify

Well maybe 2 questions, one that matters and one for aesthetics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve worked in Blender for a little over a year now and so far i’ve only used FK rigs. I know what IK rigs are and after my last animation i did that was 7 minutes of like 6 people on FK rigs, i see that i need to invest in IK rigs :stuck_out_tongue:

So i followed the Kent Tramel (not sure if that was the right spelling s:) tutorial on rigify however he was using the simple clide character.

The mesh i have created uses Eyes that are spheres with a Lattice modifier on them.
What would be the right way to Allow the eyes to move with the head in the rig? Should i apply the eyes to the rig with automatic weights and go in and give it 100% influence under the head bone? Or perhaps is there a way to parent the eyes to the head? (So far my attempts just make the eyes disappear s:)
Or maybe is it possible to make vertex groups for the eyes and have the lattice affect only their vertex groups to allow me to join the eyes to the mesh?

i’m sure some of these methods work and some don’t but i guess i’m asking what the correct way to apply lattice deformed eyes at a rig is. x: to avoid complications in animation later on.

And then that 2nd aesthetics question is can i change how some of the widgets look? I like in the tutorial how the root Widget with the arrows on the floor was big, whereas in the one i generated it barely extends past the feet. Would be nice to just scale that one widget up x:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wait, i think i got it figured out :stuck_out_tongue:

well the first and main question.
I applied it to the deformation bones rather than the new IK rig and it gave the eyes the same vertex groups to choose from to rig it with and i can still rotate the eyes without it getting involved with the bones.