Quick question about the different window headers

Hey guys,
Im working on “Model a Teddy Bear”, Jonathan Williamson. Im stuck on how to bring up certain panel right below the 3D window header. The Timeline header seems to be replaced, minimized, with this certain panel/header. I have no idea what its called or what it does so I cant look in the manual. I noticed that Jonathan always has it open in his tutorials.


I’m assume you are using the current version of blender. The tutorial is very old and uses a very old version of blender with a different interface. The button window at the bottom is similar to the properties window on the right hand side of the current blender interface, but layed out horizontally instead of vertically. Also some tools have moved to the toolshelf (T) and some properties moved to the properties panel (N)

You can download a version of blender used in this tutorial here http://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.49b/ or just watch tutorials made for your version of blender

Damn guy to even see that screen again makes me smile. Now that’s the Blender I once knew. And, embraced to make little animations for my young granddaughter. But, she grew as did Blender. Now that little girl is a memory as is this version of our program. But, thanks for the memory and smile.

As you can tell Im new to Blender, but I do have 2.69. Thanks Richard for the info, it makes sense now. Didnt realize that tutorial was that old, maybe 2.4. IMO I know I am going to have to do a couple of basics before I can venture on my own. Thanks guys.