quick question about topology using edge methed on organic or hard surface

I am wondering if everyone uses snap to vertices and increments while modeling around a reference image. I seem to have little dents in my mesh and I did notice using normal axis etc it just makes things more difficult in all views but I do understand how it can help shaping a car door going up or down in a slant. either way, i am trying to get good topology and I keep having these little dents in my mesh regardless if its organic or hard-surface.

I have been modeling for a year and I understand topology and I know where to place loop cuts for smoothing. I also heard on one tutorial using splines than converting it over to a mesh helps with this issue. but I would like to learn why I am having these issues. i do not snap to grid or do increment moving my vertices since I like to edge model. is this my issue?

Without having at least a screenshot of those “dents” and another showing the topology that create those “dents” , i have no idea.

do you use snap and increments though while modeling or only when you want too? I am noticing some people do this some dont so wondering if this is a good or bad habit.

also cut lines. do you really need 4 loop cuts cant you just do pic one with the reline as the loop cuts instead where people use 4 loop cuts go into the blank space and divide that space. seems like more geometry than needed for hard surfaces and the cut lines but not sure if this is because of the smooth and needing or not needing distance between the panels.

see I am confused because some wire frames of cars have 4 lines vertical and horizontal, then theirs car with a bunch or quads and i dont understand how that is more detail, it looks the same to me when smoothed.


I only snap when i need to snap something to something else, retopo by example use the snap tool and i use it often.
Now when i do snapping, “increment” is the snap element i use nearly … never, because i don’t need it in the majority of my modelling.

For your other question, usually you add a loop cut because of 3 reasons :

  • you need more geometry at some location
  • you need some support edge at some location
  • you pressed CTRL+R accidentally