Quick question about tracking.

Is there a way to have a specific body part track an object? Let me explain. I want my character’s head to look at an object and track its movements without moving the rest of his body. Or how about this. Character has gun in left hand and sword or whatever in right hand; the arm with the gun needs to track an object when its locked on to, and only have that arm move. I hope this isn’t too confusing. Is this possible and if so, how?

Another quick ?:(off-topic)

Ok, is there a way to have a character take damage from a bullet that doesn’t exist? Let me explain. There’s this game for the PS2 called Devil May Cry 3 where you can use guns against your enemies. Well, when I was playing it, I noticed the guns don’t really have an actual bullet coming from them. They just have the gunfire/flame and the impact effect on the object you’re shooting at. Is it possible to shoot a character with a weapon and have the character take damage without there actually being any collision from a bullet?


Which question are you referring to?

damaging with out a bullet is 100% possible

Well that was helpfull.
I know when i worked worked with blender 2.37 and 2.36 you could use the ray actuator and simulate a bullet instead of collision. I also know that there was a problem with ray when adding objects to a scene. I don’t know if that has been fixed in 2.41 or not.

As for tracking Im not for sure.

Because you can’t assign logic bricks to specific bones, to do tracking you’ll have to make parts of your character seperate meshes.