Quick question about UVW mapping

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a little problem which shouldn’t take long to solve - I have applied textures to a plane object using UVW mapping, and I now want to change the shape of the plane by subdividing and moving vertices around - how can I do this but still keep my original UVW mapping? i.e. how can I change the shape of my plane but keep the texture applied in the same way as before, without changing to meet the new shape of the plane?


Some images would help. What does Blender do that you don’t want?

It is possible to add loop cuts without modifying the UV mapping, I haven’t tested with subdividing, but I’m sure that if you start moving vertices around, your texture will be stretched and squeezed accordingly. That can’t be helped because the faces of your mesh and the corresponding ones on the UV map won’t match any more.