quick question: can you reverse a strip in the NLA?

can you reverse a strip in the NLA?

I have a fairly complex animation of a gun popping up from a door, and after itis done firing, I want it to go back down, and the doors to close over it, but I don’t want to reanimate the whole thing in reverse, when I could just tell a strip to play in reverse. I thought maybe I could scale by -1, but no such luck.

I found this answer for older versions:

just hit N over the NLA strip and reverse the Action Start and Action End numbers.

But it doesn’t semm possible to do this anymore. :frowning: (Which is what I tried before I searched the forums)

Bumppity bump

I can’t say I have found a solution to this yet…


When did it last work? If it got dropped from the code accidentally I can restore it…


It works in a 2.37a (built 2005-06-14) on my XP machine.


Just to let you know, I’ve just added this functionality in one of my source trees. I’ve added a toggle for this, so no more hacks with reversal of action starts and ends.

I’ve also added an option to mute an individual strip.

After I add a few more features around this area (NLA and Action editors), expect to see a patch and a build for windows.

Until then,

Hmm I checked the 2.37a tarball, and the current CVS tree, and never found a function that did the requested (I checked for NKEY to see it).



This’d still be useful. Anyone know if it’s going to turn up in 2.43??

Unless someone else comes up with a reverse strip solution, I don’t think this will get into 2.43


time for a bump, or did a solution turn up?

Looks like Aligorith completed this awhile ago, in 2.44 I see the references he is talking about in the strip I made for a simple action.


i found shift+m to mirror the keyframes in an action, i mistyped and discovered it! hurray! thanks anyone!

Shift +m does not work in 2.8 the answer now is to select the action you want to reverse, hit N to bring up Active Strip options , and check “Reversed” in the playback settings.