Quick question..Centering multiple objects

Can anybody please tell me if I can centre a number of objects all to the Same centre point?

Basically I have a number of circular objects that I wanted all with the same centre point but some of them have drifted slightly so my rotations are going off.

Can anybody please help?

You can add an empty to your scene, and hit ‘N’ to bring up the manual input tab. Place the location for the empty, then use the shift-S dialog to snap your 3d cursor to the empty(selection), then select your first object and hit shift-s again, choosing ‘snap selection to cursor’ - you can then continue for each object.

Craigo :slight_smile:

After setting the 3D cursor to your preferred center point, you can also select all objects you want to have that center point, and, in object mode, go to Edit Buttons (F9) -> Mesh Tab -> Center Cursor.

:)Thankyou both very much for the replies, that has resolved my question.