Quick Question-Emergency really need

Okay im in a serious rush ill jump straight to the point and make spelling mistakes for speed:
i need to kno how to put plugins into blender i really need to know and am in such a rush and don’t have time to look for it in the manual, and i find the manual very confusing. I need to put a .u3d exporter plugin into blender. I have the plugin, but how do i load it into blender?

Put it into .blender/scripts directory, run Blender and search under File>Export menu or go to Scripts window and Scripts>Export menu.

Another way - open Text window in Blender, Text>Open , find file and load. Then Alt-P with mouse cursor over Text window to run script.

My blender directory doesn’t have a scripts folder. If I make one, would it still work? I would try but I have to go somewhere, really busy

What system?Mac, Linux…
If Win, try to unhide names with dot. In blender directory should be directory named " .blender ".
If Linux - check option to show dot names and go to home directory and find " .blender/scripts/ ".
Mac - I don’t know.
You may use second tip.
What Blender version?

If you are on Windows check a folder similar to this:
C:\Documents and Settings[YOUR_USER_NAME]\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts
The folders may be in your language.

I’m using Windows
Blender 2.49
And STILL i Cant find that script folder, I’ve done everything

I would bet that you have hidden folders turned off. Since one of the folders on the path is .blender it is hidden. You need to turn on hidden folders.

Start->Settings->Control Panel->Folder Options, Click on the “View” tab, then under the Files and Folders listing you will see “Hidden Files and Folders”. Then under that listing, click “Show hidden files and folders”. Click ok and accept any popup dialogs. Now you should be able to see the scripts folder within the blender directory structure.

Thanks for the reply, but My pc WAS showing hidden folders. I checked and it was already toggled on. What now??

You can do a global search in your hard disk for the file “animation_bake_constraints.py”, that one is in the scripts folder, when you find it you’ll find the folder.

you can set up the folder you want for your scipt just set you script path in your préférence panel.