quick question here?

so…lately I’ve been checking out the blender game engine…and I’m kinda confused right now about all these mapping techniques! okay so there’s…normal map,parralax mapping,bump mapping and…displace mapping? I’m not sure…yes I have read about them on wikipedia…
out of all of these mapping techniques which one should I learn first? bump,normal,displace or parralax mapping? and does it really matters which technique do I learn first?

lastly if you were to make some kind of a brick wall or stone wall to use on blender game engine which one of those mapping techniques would you prefer?

I guess by the way I type and my questions you could figure out that I am new…
:spin: spinning…I’m spinning…I am really worn out right now…:spin:

Normal mapping is the only one of the mapping techniques that is actually supported by the game engine without extra scripts. It is possible to bump, parralax and displace map but:

Bump map: Pretty much like a normal map except with more calculations. When you make a normal map these calculations are carried out earlier and stored in colour, so they’re generally faster.

Parralax: Layering images on top of each other, usually in a ‘plane’ form. Good for things seen from the top, e.g. landscapes in a flying situation. Otherwise you ‘see’ inbetween the planes of textures, if that makes sense.

Displace: A colour map that displaces vertices. They require a high vert count, as it moves the position of verts instead of changing how the faces are shaded, so are impractical in a game engine.

Therefore I’d go for the normal map in the game engine. It looks good from a wider view of angles than parralax, requires less verts than displace and is more efficient than bump.

thank you for giving me a very thorough answer :slight_smile:
this question is still open I still would like to see some other people view on this matter how about it?
normal,bump,displace or parralax?

thanks again Eterniam.