Quick question: How to face snap to invisible mesh?

I want my vertices to snap to a mesh via face snapping settings, and the only good solution I see is to have the mesh invisible that I am snapping to (so I can see what I’m doing rather than having the mesh be visible and obscuring my object), but any attempt at making the target mesh invisible means vertices no longer snap to face when moved.

Is there any way to hide the mesh and still snap to it?


Is there a way to say “snap all selected vertices to mesh faces” quickly? Shrinkwrap modifier takes a lot of mouse clicks and it would be nice to have a button to press that does this because I want to do this a lot.

Is Viewport Display> Display as: Bounds: Box not an option?

That’s snapping fine here.

Or using transparent shader?

(If the cube is not selected you don’t see the outline)

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