quick question on mirroring hair


I have been working on this little fella for some time now and I have all the fur just how I want it.

because the model is symmetrical I use a mirror modifier. this, however, doesn’t mirror the hair or it does but the strands go in strange directions.

the right (master) side

mirrored bare side

some info
the modifier stack from top to bottom is subsurf, partical system, mirror
the “use modifier stack” checkbox is marked and grayed out
the children are interpolated

could anyone tell me what the best way is to fix this problem?
this is my first time using blenders hair system so I might be overlooking something simple

thanks and Merry Christmas

the modifier stack from top to bottom is subsurf, partical system, mirror (change it)

Particle System

and use
Particle settings> Emission> Use modifier stack.

thanks for the reply

when i do this the hair on the mirrored side starts doing strange things

any idea why?

Ctrl A > Rotation & Scale
you can use it.

tried that but sadly it didn’t work.

Particle System

you can try it

At some point you usually apply the mirror modifier, and then use multires and hair systems.

You will have to apply the mirror modifier. You’ll have to reset the particle hair systems so that they cover both sides. Box select half of the particles, delete them, select the other half and mirror them. Enable the x mirror in particle editing and reshape your hair.

Can delete particles with X->delete particle and mirror is in the particle menu at the bottom. May also want to remove doubles as well.