quick question regarding planning

I recently started a new project and while most times I would plan everything out in office(excell or calc)I was wondering if I could come up with a better visual representation of items, story lines, easter eggs, and other things that normally need to be read through…often at tedium…
my simple question is, is there a way to attach a text(to be seen in the text editor) to an item inside of the 3d view???
I have found nothing on this subject…so any help is appreciated…even alternate workarounds.

so…I assume there is no way…

I suppose you could use grease pencil for brief notes. Another possibility is to add a plane, and map a screenshot of your notes to the plane. You could parent the note to the object it refers to, then move the note plane to another layer, so you could avoid cluttering your viewport with the notes, but still have quick access to them by selecting the ‘note’ layer.

Grease pencil seems to be fine. But I find it a bit hard to be used just for mental notes.

You can if you want add custom properties (Blender properties not game properties).

You can leave notes in a text block.

For planning I usually take a sheet of paper (a real one) and sketch my thoughts on it. For me this is much faster then any virtual workplace. If I think it is worth to stay longer, I recreate the idea as text or if graphically as with an vector graphic would application (e.g. power point). This takes much more time, but it ensures my thoughts are clear enough to be presented.

If I need a design document (e.g. for story line) I use a word processor that supports embedded images. But this is for large long-lasting projects only to prevent to forget the most during the project.

You can even make lists with ToDos. They are better manageable with a table focused application or even an issue tracking tool.

I tread codebeamer. It has pretty much of what it is needed and more.
You get a Wiki for text and images - ideal to keep and maintain the design.
You get a bugtracker that allows to track down requirement and assigned tasks - good for managing the workload.
You get a source repository - good for keeping your source files (blends, textures, sounds) together

Additional you have a base to communicate with your team (if you have any) -> there is a chat and a forum

The HiveGUI supports multi-line text attributes for Node Editor nodes. Whenever you click on it, a Text Editor area is filled with its content, and you can edit it there. Is this what you wanted?

You can find the code here:
If you are confident enough with Python, you could adapt it to the 3D view. You need to trigger check_update() on every scene update, and supply set_text() with a setter function that will update your string property in RNA.

+1 vote for pencil, paper, and post-it notes for early planning.

Mind-mapping software (open-source):