Quick question!

Am I able to create a Bezier circle and apply a shader (specifically emission) to it to get it to show in the rendered viewport?

Yes you can, you just have to add some depth to the bezier circle in the curve settings but if you don’t add any depth to it then it wont render as there is no actual geometry to emit the light.

Thank you so much!

No problem, wish all questions were as easy to decipher. Just curious though as to why not just use a torus in this case? Unless you are wanting to bend and animate it and having the bezier handles will make it easier on you.

Hahaha, to be honest…forgot about the tourus completely. Yeah I would like to do some animations with some bending the bezier’s were the first thing that came to mind. Didn’t think about the emission not working though :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh ok, It will work. I was just curious is all. Just adjust the depth and resolution to your liking and good luck. :slight_smile: