Quick Question

In the sequence editor, I’ve used the RBG chromakey plugin. I noticed it works, but how do I map to alph to let the world show through?

Add an “Alpha Over” strip (from effects) on top, or between.


Hmm, I tried that and it blanked the whol clip. Is there a setting under properties I missed than sets the black pixels to Alpha 0?

Also, is it possible via another plugin or omething else to blend the edges of the removed green color? I’m going to use Final Cut Pro HD anyway for my final compositing, but for testing I like Blender. Porblem is, it looks horrid! There is a green pixeled garbage halo around everything that looks like something out of the 1970’s chromakey technology.

I seriously doubt that black can be used as Alpha. You need a series of .tga or .png with a dedicated Alpha layer.

Take a look here for chromakey:



The RBG_Chromakey sets the removed color to black. I want to set to Alpha 0 insted.

PM paprmh, he’s your man.


actually the sequencer does read black as alpha, but you can use alpha mapped image sequences as well. press N to set alpha to premul.