'Quick Question'

How do you ‘unlink’ objects, like say you duplicate an object in object mode, then edit one in edit mode…now, if you change the material on one of them, they both change, how do you fix this?

Give it its own material instead of them both shareing the same one

how do i do that, if i select only one of them, and change the material, both of them change

Not sure about unlinking objects.
If you press Alt + D you will make
a linked duplicate.

Now in the Editing F9
there is the Link and Materials panel.

There will be a little button with a number
on it. Click it to make the object a single user.

Then you can give it a different material.

Does that help?

Use the add a new material button to one of them


objects can share the same material, the little arrows next to the material name (in picture above its next to ‘add new’) allow you to select an existing material or to add a new material.

fixed, i deleted the material indext