Quick question.

I’m making a character with fur. Actually, only partly furred, because no matter how many optimizations you make, it’ll almost always take forever. The fur is for the really noticeable parts, and for the rest I’ll use, uh… polygon chips or just a funky bump map. Ok, The two chunks are a big puff of chest fur and a tail. The chest fur is white, fine. The tail is orange with a white tip.

Nowwww… How do I make a controlled colour change that IS ALSO ANIMATABLE? (I.e. character will have a skeleton) I’m still kind of medium-ish new, so I probably missed some things. Is there anything at all? Something with nodes or something I’m missing… I sometimes hear about making two particle systems on one mesh so presumably you could then use different materials, but I for one am certainly too ignorant to figure it out. /:]

So, any help would be appreciated.

???, Im afraid I dont really get yo Question. Do u mean like the fur shanging color? If so, you sould try like assigning a color to an empty and moving the empty around…but im not sure i get your question…

And you can sort of use two particle systems…by using generations of particles(lower right on the main particle tab)
But its sort of meant for things like making smoke after a particle fire…
Then again, ive never tried it with static fur, so who know wut you could do
Try tweaking the generation options(you CAN have a seperate material for seperate generations{i think the max # of gen is 4}, so maybe this rambling post will help)

Hope this helps, if not, sorry for further confusiong you :slight_smile:
peace out man,