quick question....

i just recently started using blender, and i was following a tutorial on how to make a vase. in it it’s basically a vase and a flat plane underneath it with texturing on both. i try to select just the plane while in object mode, but it selects both the vase and the plane. how do i separate the two from each other? i know making one the parent of the other makes them “stick” together. but i don’t know how to “unstick” them.

oh, and also, where is the subsurf option available. i can’t find it anywhere on blender 2.42.

I cant answer your first question but subsurf is located in the buttons window, under Modifiers, click add modifier. It should the last one on the list.

sounds to me like you created both the vase and plane while in edit mode thus creating one object (even thought they are separate). Next time, create the plane, leave edit mode, and then create the vase, making them two separate objects.

Subsurf is under Modifiers now.

spartan49020 - To Separate: Go into edit mode, select either the vase or the plane; then press the P key.

Subsurf can be accessed as stated in the previous posts; or the shortcut is Ctrl+1 for level 1, Ctrl+2 for level 2 etc… You still will need to access it via the menu for setting it for renders though. Just nice to use the shortcut for fast switching while modeling. Best of luck to you.