quick question

Hi, i am have been using blender for a little while and luckily stumbled upon the stickman rig somewhere on these forums and could finally get to animating rather than get frustrated trying to rig something myself :o.

With the stickman rig i have been playing around with some basic animations walk cycles etc. But my question is: how do i save an animation. I saved the file under a new name and such, but now getting it out of blender and maybe making a reel out of it is where my question lies.

How would i save the rendered animation?(sry thought i would rephrase my question)

Any help is greatly appreciated,

I would say you should either attach the armature to a mesh or use a screen recording program.


In a nutshell…press F10. In the Format panel - select the output format of choice, then click on the ANIM button in the Anim tab.

More info here and here.

Best of Luck!

thank you very much. hopefully i can get to show some work for some more tips