quick question

How do you zoom in horizonally and vetically in the graph editor?

Hold down the CTRL key and press down on your scroll wheel. Then drag the mouse around.

Steve S

Sorry for necro posting on this - But how do i add a keyframe in the graph editor?

jncoconyrol: this is the “Artwork>Animation” section of the forum. It’s for posting your work, not tech support.

To add a keyframe in the graph editor, either press “I” or Ctrl-left click.

It’s worth noting that “adding a keyframe” is not an action that is specific to any particular editor. Rather, is an action that is being applied to the currently-selected object. Therefore, the consequences of that action will be duly reflected in all of the various editors … each of which present their own unique perspective upon “the same thing.”

When you “add a keyframe,” from Blender’s point-of-view what you’re really doing is adding “control points” to a set of related “F-curves” (“IPOs”). Some of the editors in Blender take a higher-level view on that, whereas others (like Graph Editor …) are, by design, very specific. Nevertheless, all of them present different perspectives of “what is really going on.”

(“At the end of the day, this is ‘computer software.’” Uhhh… keep that in mind. It helps …)