Quick queston, please answer

I’m modeling Iron man right now i need to know how/if you can flip an object after duplicating then mirroring and also how i can subsurf yet keep sharp corners (like on the outside of his mask).

There is a mirror modifier, put the center of the object as the line of symetry(it gets mirrored from the object center)

And select edges and hit SHIFT>E and drag mouse to sharpen/unsharpen edges that are subsurfed

Although 10 minutes to get a response isn’t that bad, I know for me, I tend to ignore support requests posted in the News & Discussion forum. Getting a quick reply just doesn’t seem a good enough excuse for posting in the wrong section.

That being said, welcome to BlenderArtists, and we hope to help you as much as possible. Here are a few links that will help you get the hang of things:

The Blender Manual:

Video Tutorials:

Subdivision Surfaces Video Tutorial:

Blender Wiki:

Hope you find what you need there!

heh, yea this goes in the support section…I was feelin nice ok?!

thanks, problems solved, also i’m sorry for posting here, i didn’t know of the support section, welll, i’ve been there just never thought to post this there, thanks for the heads up!