Quick real life reproduction

Not bad for one of my quickest projects.
Shows how good Blender’s default lighting is (I haven’t changed a single value).

1024 samples
Denoiser radius 12
No composition


For better resolution: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xzZr24

Source photo: https://www.houzz.com/photos/one-bedford-condo-suite-scandinavian-home-office-toronto-phvw-vp~7661556

Very nice! At first, I thought the one on the left was the photo.

Did you use an HDRI, portals, or what? And is the other side of the room open or closed?


I used a portal on the window, which is the only opening to the room.
There are no fill lights or anything and I didn’t mess with AO etc. It’s just a room with an opening, and all parameters are default :slightly_smiling_face: