Quick Reply Error

I noticed, while posting quick replies today, that when using the backspace key, my cursor would jump to another spot in the text (usually somewhere in the line above). Happened multiple times in the last message I sent, had to redirect continuously. Made sure it wasn’t finger slips as well.

Not sure if it was associated with the use of the bold/italic/underline javascript plus backspace, but it seemed as if it might have been part of the problem (I was also using hotkeys; CTRL+U). I know for a fact that one of the times I pushed backspace, it jumped to the line above. I was removing a typo in underlined text.

Also, not sure if this has been posted before, and I apologize if it had.

Using quotes? I posted this/similar problem sometime ago. If your using quotes make sure you start your message on the same line that the quote ends on. If you start below that line it tends to jump up a line or two while your trying to type your message.

A bit more information would be helpful:

  • What web browser are you using?
  • Which operating system is your computer running?
  • Do you have any extensions or plugins enabled on your browser?
  • Which editor interface are you using for the forum (this is settable in your User Settings under General Settings. I believe that the default is the Enhanced Interface, but some people change it… I use the Standard Editor, for example)?