QUICK! Resetting buttons panel... among other problems

I’d hate for this to be my first post on here buuuut… I’ve ran into some serious problems with the interface which led to some even worse ones.

The main problem is the fact that all the buttons panels are blank (Blender 2.49), which I assume is some random zooming or moving of the panels. Is there a way to reset them so I can actually use the buttons?

I was an idiot and thought opening it in 2.5 a2 and saving it, then reopening it in 2.49 might have reset the panels… Now it just doesn’t open in 2.49. Usually files reopen, however this project is a rather big one.

I’ve spent a lot of time detailing this project and really do not want to have to append all my objects into a new project.

Help would be greatly appreciated!!! I would prefer to open the project in 2.49 because Alpha 2 doesn’t seem to have a very functional interface.

P.S. I am on Mac OSX 10.5.8


I’ve had the buttons go blank on me before. It was caused by me trying to set a new font… Go to user preferences> language& font> and see if International Fonts is selected. If it is, deselect it. Try that and see if it helps?

Also, hovering over the buttons window, you can zoom with ctrl MMB. That might work as well…

When you use File / Open in blender, in the file window there should be a option to ‘Load UI’. Deselect it and you’ll open your blend with the default interface layout.


Thanks, Richard. Wish I knew that before I saved it in 2.5 :frowning: Now it won’t even open in 2.49.

BTW is anyone else having problems with zooming and scrolling in 2.5 A2?