Quick rigging questions

Hello all. I’m making a quick for a woolly war of the worlds tripod (sort of an in-joke) and I’m having some problems.

Firstly, I’d like to reset all transformations in preparation for animation, but doing so explodes the objects I have and moves them all over the place. I have no idea why this is happening. A quick google search is telling me things about “rest poses” which I can’t figure out.

Secondly, I’d like to prevent the foot bones of my Tripod from going through the floor. I also have no idea how to do this.

Attached is the project file. Thank you in advance for any answers.

Just a quick glance at your file. You have multiple rigs for one object which will be very painful when animating. You need to have one rig for one character to make it easier.

You reset the translations for all object? The ground for example is scaled in object mode and the default wont be how it looks now. For that you need to first apply the scale and so it wont change anymore. For did you mean the rig? → i refer to my first point first put everything in the same rig.

For the second point you have there is a floor constraint. Look it up.

Hello. Thanks for the tip on multiple rigs. I wonder if there’s a way to make all the bones that I have all part of one armature?

For the transformation reset, I select everything and hit Apply - All Transforms. I’m just doing this as a matter of cleanup - what I really want to know is why everything explodes in order to avoid the problem in the future.

Looking up floor constraint now.

I am pretty sure that has to do with the multiple rigs for one object. I see with the relationship lines that you parented everything to one object which adds even more confusion.

When you fix that multiple armature problem you will also fix this. I cant tell you exactly what the problem is but its only occurring when you apply the rotation. The rest pose is not the problem here.

I´ve had a rough day so i wont rig it for you but you already have the basics just make everything from one rig. From what i know merging rigs is not possible

I am not an expert rigger but I enjoy experimenting!

I have had a play with your file to join the armatures into one, I have had this problem myself.

When I join different armatures together I find it better to un parent all the objects one by one with the “keep Transformations” option so they stay put!

Then join the armatures one by one and re parent the objects as you go along making sure there are no mishaps on the way.

To join armatures together select them and then go to “object-join”.

Everything seemed to be parented to the torso. I parented the torso “object” to the neck bone bottom (not the torso bone), so that you can turn the torso object rotating the neck bone bottom without turning the everything else with it.

The torso armature was the last armature I joined to the others.

Then I parented the first neck bone the 2 ik targets and the 2 socket bones to the torso bone, so now you can control the whole thing with the torso bone. ( I had to set the IK chain lengths to 1 for the socket bones to prevent them moving the torso bone)

I do not know if it is exactly what you want but it is fun when you move it around :slight_smile:
The file is too heavy to upload in BA, here is a link (will expire in one week)

Edit To be a tripod there seems to be a leg missing!

Thank you Norman, will have a look.

As for the missing leg, knitting takes time :wink:

Hello again Norman - your rig works better than mine. It was a lot of fun to move around. Frustrating thing is, I still don’t really know what I’m doing.

When I started out modelling, there are a few tricks that I had to learn such as keeping all-quads and freezing transformations, etc. Now I’m trying rigging for the first time, and I have no idea what vertex groups are, why my mesh explodes when I freeze the transformations or what poses are and how they are used. I suppose I’ll go watch a bunch of tutorials, but it’s incredibly frustrating.

The all quads is for deformations and it usually looks better but sometimes it cant be prevented. Sometimes its even helpful for some sections of the face and so. In the end dont force it and break your head over it because usually it will still look good.

Vertex group is telling the rig which part is has to deform. I guess you used the automatic weight option and that will set it up for you all. For this look up a tutorial about weight painting.

For the explosion part. You do this always before rigging with all the objects but i am still not sure why this is happening in your file. It should still work without that. Its good to have but not always necessary. You have used maya before?

Yes it is intimidating at first!

When you want to do a rig it is best that all your objects are properly placed with there rotations and scale applied in a generic rest position before you align and parent the bones. Place the bones in the correct position in edit mode and finally parent the objects to them.

I think your objects moving when you apply transformations is mostly due to the delta transformations that you have. I do not know how you managed to get all those delta values, probably by moving the rig around. Delta transformations are transformations that are applied on top of (after) the normal ones.

Applying Location is usually not a good idea, as it will send you objects origin to the centre of the world, this can be problematic in many ways. For example if you are using modifiers that rely on the objects origin, like the mirror modifier it can be a disaster. If you apply all transforms to all objects all the objects origins will go to the same place (0,0,0)

So in general do not apply “location” or “all transforms” as you will change your objects origin.

In your file you have already done that, which is why you get all those dotted lines going towards the centre. The lines do not go exactly to the centre because of the delta transformations.

To fix (working from my file that has the armature all in one) select all the objects EXCEPT THE ARMATURE and go to object -set origin – origin to geometry.

Now for example the head. Take a look at the heads transformations and delta transformations values. Note that you have values set in the delta rotation and location.

You can now go to object - apply rotation, AHHHHHH it moved – do not worry,

go to the delta transformations and set all the values to 0, it will go back to were it was and all the rotation values (normal and delta) will be 0. You can now do the same with the other objects.

Once you are done all the objects will have the rotation transforms set to 0.

For location deltas it is more tricky because when you apply the location what will move is the objects origin. If you want to get rid of the delta locations the easiest way I can think of is to apply the location (I know I said don’t!) then copy the values from the delta transformations into the normal ones (the object will move) then delete deltas (the object will go back). And finally you can set all the origin back to geometry (except the armature!).

If you do not apply the location first you would have to add all the delta transform values to the normal ones which would be more complicated.

Once finished your objects should behave more logically.

Bare in mind that the idea of the rig is to move the objects around so once you have rigged your objects and you pose your bones, you do not need to apply transformations to the objects every time you move/pose it. That is what poses are about, a pose library lets you save different poses/positions.

Hello again. Your posts are entertaining, so thank you for your help. I’ve made another rig for my mesh - this time, it’s one single armature as schamph suggested and I made sure to have all the objects set in position with all transformations applied before I rigged the thing. No more exploding.

Your idea of a control bone came in very handy. Now it’s just a matter of correcting the model and some weight-painting issues and it’s good to go. Here is the latest version, if you’re interested:
Tripod Wool.blend (4.1 MB)

I’d like to figure out how to use these saved poses, but I’m sure this is a question that Google can readily answer. Thank you both kindly for your help.

You are welcome, I have fun with rigging problems as I am also learning, they help me sort my ideas out.

I am pleased you have redone your rig as you will learn more that way, it is looking more logical already.

Yes there are many tuts on poses and the pose library that will explain better than I can.

Here is a short one:

Good luck and happy blending :slight_smile:

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Will give it a watch now. Thanks again.

And you schamph, if you see this :slight_smile:

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